Align To The Bigger Vision Of Your Business

Every business needs a good foundation - a structure that's aligned to its vision & goals


Through powerful business strategies & channeling higher guidance, we uncover what's holding your business back from achieving its full income and authentic soul-aligned success


If you're an expert advisor, coach or creative with a big vision for your business, a passion for your industry and heart centred goals for your clients, I want to work with you

If you're ready to create a soul aligned business and extraordinary life that love, serving ideal clients and making a consistent impact and income you desire - let's chat!

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Tanya Lochner is an Intuitive Business & Success Strategist helping expert advisors, coaches & creatives to create consistent income in their business by aligning to their bigger vision. By channeling higher guidance and using powerful business and money mindset strategies, she clears old programming and blocks and helps you reach your full potential for a soul aligned business and extraordinary life that you love. Her motto in life is ‘Do it with passion or not at all.’


Mom to three human and four fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs globally to bring their passion to life realised when she left her 16 year career in the business + finance industry to run her own businesses on and offline. She infuses transformational business coaching with consulting to help entrepreneurs leave a powerful legacy of empowerment and wealth.


Your personal guide to achieving your goals. Through coaching you will get crystal clarity about what it is that you're supposed to do and how to get there in the fastest way possible. Your personal roadmap to success!


Tanya is an Intuitive Business & Success Strategist who helps business owners with their wealth programming, aligned business structure and big mission passion to unlock true potential in their business and life.


Want to find out more about working with me? You can also follow my journey of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and crunchy mom on social media. Join a community of entrepreneurs creating a business and life they love.

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