All it takes is a solid system that helps you run your business more productively and manage your business finances for more profit with less stress

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  • Learn about the money and energy leaks that affects your profit  


  • Find hidden pieces of income by following these simple steps (without cutting costs!)


  • Get an easy to follow business budget template that won't leave you feeling like you need #accountantbrains


  • Follow my fail-proof (and super simple) strategy to master your money story 


  • Streamline your business for ultimate productivity which leads to more time and more money (swipe my system to have your business at your fingertips AND running on autopilot - yes, it's possible!)


Experience the replays, workbooks and templates already mapped out to put you in control of your business profit potential:


DAY 1: Business mapping + budget

We often get into business and get busy with doing. Regularly connecting to where your business is going for growth and expansion is key to having a successful and profitable business. Set the right foundation that will help the energy grow and expand in that way. Then link your business budget to reflect and align with optimal return. You’ll get a business budget template and business mapping worksheet to help you get on top of your cash flow and growth.


DAY 2: Systems that should have you running on autopilot

Tired of redoing all the processes all the time? Can’t find that link or important information? I’m going to give you a template that will put all the info of your business at your fingertips as well as a way to put all your processes on autopilot - you can get back to doing what you do best in your biz while the rest takes care of itself.


DAY 3: Change your money story

See what beliefs and stories are holding you back from reaching full potential in your business cash flow and learn my secret hack for rewiring your brain (no fancy equipment needed!)


DAY 4: Letting go of your money fears

Sometimes we block our own success by holding on to fears. These fears can be conscious or subconscious. In this session we'll uncover what those fears are and how to easily overcome them to step into your bold money vision.


DAY 5: Tapping into your strengths and how to delegate the rest (even if you’re on a budget)

Learn why it’s important for you not to wear all the hats in your business, and how to delegate lower priority tasks (even if you’re a control freak like me)


DAY 6: The 6 Step process to Master Your Money Flow

Follow these 6 steps every time you want to uncover where something’s going wrong in your business processes, cashflow or client experience. A must if you want to overcome any challenge that your business may face, and they will come, believe me.


DAY 7: Train your brain for success

Swipe my worksheet and daily planner to create a resilient mindset that will help you stay focused and on target, overcome any challenge and create a wealth mindset that will help you streamline and uplevel your business. Now who doesn’t want that?!


BONUS: Private Facebook community for extra support and like-minded business owners. You’ll also get my personal support in this group! Shift into wealth with accountability and a good dose of cheerleading!


Can you afford not to invest R499 to transform your cashflow in just 7 days? 

‘Tanya impressed me with her thoughtfulness on an approach that respected my comfort level while also challenging me to think differently. She showed me that even small tweaks can have a major positive impact on my life. And I was so impressed on her insights into my “roadblocks” and how to tackle them to move forward’ - Jessica Padilla Bowen, San Diego

‘Working with Tanya I got clarity, direction, action-steps and positive support. I really liked the regular accountability and reflection on the progress. Besides being organized, she’s authentic and sincere and require that from her clients too’ - Candice Luck, South Africa


I know how having too much money can bring up feelings of discomfort, maybe even make you feel like a bad person….


Maybe you feel like you can’t do better than you already are….


Perhaps you feel like you’ve already got this! And I know you do, but what if it could be a little easier if you didn’t have to figure it out all by yourself


If the money you're getting out is not reflecting all the effort you’ve been putting in….


It's okay! It's not your fault. Sometimes all we need to do is align a few things to break through to that next level and unlock true wealth potential. 


Let me show you how investing R499 can take your paycheck to the next level by making a few small changes in the way you do business!

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Tanya Lochner is an Intuitive Wealth & Business Strategist for business owners who want to grow profitable and successful long-term businesses. She helps inspired entrepreneurs get organized and stay focused to reach their highest income and impact potential.


Mom to three human and four fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. She left her corporate career in the financial industry after 16 years to step into her own soul aligned and dream life. She infuses a holistic form of coaching that helps business owners grow a business with long-term success and profitability that is aligned and in flow.