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Every business needs a good foundation – a structure that’s aligned to its vision & goals_____________Through powerful business strategies & channeling higher guidance, we uncover what’s holding your business back from achieving its full income and authentic soul-aligned success_____________I work with spirit-led & driven online coaches, transformational leaders and social entrepreneurs who have a big vision for their business, a passion for their industry and heart centred goals for their clientsIf you’re ready to create a business and life that love, serving ideal clients and making the impact and income you desire – let’s chat!


Your personal guide to achieving your goals. Through coaching you will get crystal clarity about what it is that you’re supposed to do and how to get there in the fastest way possible. Your personal roadmap to success!


Private Coaching

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Tanya is an Intuitive Business & Success Strategist who helps business owners with their wealth programming, aligned business structure and big mission passion to unlock true potential in their business and life.


Private Coaching


Want to find out more about working with me? You can also follow my journey of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and crunchy mom on social media. Join a community of entrepreneurs creating a business and life they love.

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Private Coaching

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Meet The Girl

Tanya Lochner is an Intuitive Business & Success Strategist for niche advisors, coaches and consultants. She helps business owners reach their full potential and create a wealthy life from the inside out by getting organized, clear and on purpose with their soul aligned vision to create an extraordinary business & life. Her motto in life is ‘Do it with passion or not at all.’


Mom to three human and four fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs globally to bring their passion to life realized when she left her 16 year corporate career in the finance industry to run her own businesses on and offline. She infuses transformational business coaching with consulting to help business owners create a soul aligned business and life with ease and flow.

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Client love

Pink-&-Purple-texture-largeI needed some guidance, clarity and support to start my business and launch my online parenting course.  I read lots of blogs, watched several webinars and was trying to piece everything together by myself but I felt like I was going around in circles. Several other mompreneurs that I watched on the webinars spoke about how the best thing they did was get a coach. Working with Tanya I got I got clarity, direction, action-steps and positive support. I really liked the regular accountability and reflection on the progress. Also the flexibility to book appointments when I was ready. I would definitely recommend Tanya’s coaching program. Besides being organized, she’s authentic and sincere and require that from her clients too. 

Candice Luck

Pink-&-Purple-texture-largeTanya impressed me with her thoughtfulness on an approach that respected my comfort level while also challenging me to think differently. She showed me that even small tweaks can have a major positive impact on my life. And I was so impressed on her insights into my “roadblocks” and how to tackle them to move forward. Being a working mom has been the biggest challenge of my life, and with Tanya’s support, I am approaching this challenge with renewed energy and a more positive frame of mind. For this, I am very, very grateful.

Jessica Padilla-Bowen


Before working with Tanya my mind was very scattered, I had low self-confidence and low motivation for the things I wanted to do.After working with her I had more clarity (less scattered) on my offering in the healing arena, more confidence and optimism in myself. I just felt better, like relief, after our weekly calls.I really liked how I began to make better choices for myself from a place of more confidence and the tools that she gave me.I would absolutely recommend Tanya’s coaching program! I feel that I’m making better strides toward getting in touch with the ‘real me’ and feeling empowered and grounded in my choices and actions.  She’s an excellent listener and as such seem to customize her recommendations just for me as she draws on many modalities and techniques for remedies.

Jeanne Natre


I had the privilege to work with Tanya through her coaching business. Tanya is passionate to help you become a balanced and better you. Tanya has so much knowledge to share and she makes it real in her own life.  I feel confident recommending her services, it has opened my mind to excel as the mother I want to be.

Liza Human


“I was feeling disorganised with a fear of pushing on to achieve my dream. I was lacking self-confidence and struggling with finances. Tanya offered me a session and I decided to open a door and walk through to see how I could change my circumstances and gain tools to do that for myself. The session was enlightening, giving me really logical solutions and helpful tools to get the process started. I felt inspired afterwards. I now realise what I need to take stock of my circumstances and appreciate what I have and move one and up to improve our lifestyle in the future. I have definite goals to reach”

Sue Durant


‘I have watched you give direction instead of orders, you gave vision instead of targets. Other people lead by authority but you led by respect and integrity. I believe that success and failure are part and parcel of our everyday life’s highs and lows and you have been a great example of working smart and not hard. I am highly impressed by what you are about to go do’

Corporate colleague