Ideal client avatar

  • (tip: don’t make it too broad, a 20 year old has very different challenges & needs than a 60 year old)
  • i.e. spiritual, driven, life experiences, level of sophistication
  • start with their description and then we’ll do a calculation on what it’s costing them to not be, do or have it, for example: looking for more joy or fulfillment / health / money / better relationships etc. Be as specific as you can
  • i.e. what pieces do they already have in place. Have they already done a ton of personal development work, hired coaches or tried a bunch of different modalities. How educated are (level of sophistication in your area of work), are they good with technology etc. Be clear on what your ideal client brings to the table so that the only gap they have is what you offer
  • what keeps them up at night. Tip: It’s not general, as in, ‘I’m looking for more fulfillment”. It’s usually quite specific e.g. I wish I could lose 20kg of weight so that I can fit into a smaller size jeans
  • i.e. in what way will they keep struggling if they don’t solve this challenge - Many times they’re spending money on the wrong equipment, tools, programs, coaches or cost to diy. Example: spending $5000 per year to treat their depression because they feel unfulfilled (doctors, medication, eating more due to side effects etc)
  • What do they think is their program and what do you know is the real reason
  • (don’t worry if you can’t word this perfectly yet, we’ll work on this in our live call)