Contemplating how kids change the dynamic of life today. It takes a special person to truly achieve their purpose to make a difference in the world at their full potential. Yes sure, most of us aspire to achieve success and to some degree our dreams. But when the going gets tough or we reach a point of enough – a sort of homeostasis – most of us are pretty happy to settle in that comfort spot. We survive – day to day – the same cycle mostly repeating itself.

Children seem to push us to the next level, force us to keep moving even when we don’t want to, or feel we can’t anymore. Instead of sitting peacefully enjoying that cup of tea, they make you interact and build relationships.  Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying that cup of tea…..

I’m blessed with a husband that constantly gives running commentary on life’s little tidbits. Although I find this info very interesting, it’s more often than not quite useless to my minimalistic brain that quickly gets cluttered and overwhelmed. Rather give me the deep questions of life to ponder than discussing who invented the tea cup! To a child though, each new piece of information on a transparent frog or the latest fossil discovery in a local lake, is like treasure being shared.

It’s so easy to let life rush past us as we try to survive each day. We feel accomplished if the kids are safely in bed with full tummies and not too many broken bones. We feel okay if we didn’t upset our bosses or colleagues today and did what was expected of us.

Each of us are truly unique, if we can really grasp that concept and respect that about each other, we can make a difference in the world. We can argue that many things in life changes the dynamics – other people, animals, life events big and small. This is true yes. Take a moment to reflect on how having or not having children in you life affects who you are and how you can use that to reach your full potential.

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