I get it! You’re a busy mom with a million things to do. So what if there’s a way for you to fly back in time and find a way to take back control? There is and it’s going to give you a life of getting more done in less time ūüėČ

Kids Summit


Imagine if you could:

♦   Shortcut your way to being the queen of getting things done

♦   Connect with your kids on a deeper level

♦   Become the mom who everyone looks at and

says ‘how does she do it all’

Yes! Take me back in time!

Here’s what you get

♦   Time Travel Calculator to identify time leaks and streamline your to-do list

♦   Supercharge your morning routine planner for days filled with ease and flow

♦   Procrastination to Motivated and Done! Checklist

♦   Fast track connection with your kids in less than 15 min a day video training




♦   Journal for insight prompt sheet Рyour BFF on speed dial!

♦   Supermom Vision Creation workbook to help you create a life you truly love living

The value of this bundle is well over $250, but as a special offer for participating in the Empowered Kids Now Summit you get this for $97!


I know how challenging it can be to figure out what’s causing your time to spin out of control – even when you have AMAZING tools like the ones in this bundle.


So here’s the deal – when you purchase the Take Back Control Of Your Time Bundle, you’ll also get a 45-minute Power Strategy Session with me!


In this session we’ll get clear on what’s causing your time leaks and what you can do about it – easy action steps guaranteed!


So grab your bundle and let’s get you back to being the queen of time management ūüėČ

Yes! Take me back in time!

Hi, I’m Tanya

Tanya is a Holistic Life & Success Coach who helps busy moms create a life of ease and flow while having work / life balance and raising happy, healthy & successful kids.

Mom to three human and five fur kids, she lives in beautiful Cape Town, known as the Mother City of South Africa. Her passion for helping women globally to powerfully navigate business, life and motherhood was inspired by her sixteen year career in the finance industry. Infusing a holistic approach in her coaching, she helps women create a life with more balance, more time and more money to do the things they love.


Yes! Take me back in time!

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