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Live your ultimate Empowered life with Passion & Purpose so your children in alignment with themselves, reaching their full potential for happy, connected and balanced lives!

Here we share our tears, laughs, tea and a whole lot of life’s ups and downs to get you navigating motherhood, with ease and grace.

Be the joyful, courageous woman and mother I know you can be!

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Hey beautiful mama!

I’m Tanya, modern & messy, natural mama to two incredible human beings and four fur kids. I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, aptly known as the Mother City of South Africa. I love herbal tea, croissants and dancing, and escape into nature every chance I get!

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Peace in Perfectionism

What does it feel being little miss perfect? Supposedly good because it’s what we all strive to be, right?! Perfect. Here’s the problem – being little miss perfect usually means being quite unpopular. What about miss Goody Two-Shoes, nerd or head-girl…  I’m guessing you know what these names all refer to? It’s a real love-hate…

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Overwhelm can lead to break down

She sat in front of me covering her eyes as her shoulders shook from sobbing. Here was this young, strong, professional career woman melting down before me. In that moment of vulnerability, I saw the wife, the mother, a woman. I realised how we are made up of emotions and how quickly overwhelm can lead…

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Easy Steps to get your MOJO back

That’s right baby, it’s that groovy feeling when you had all the energy to take over the world. Or at least get the washing done for the day? I know it’s all been said and done before…..10 ways to better health, 7 steps to eating healthier, 20 tips for beating the flu; and so the…

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I had the privilege to work with Tanya through her coaching business. Tanya is passionate to help you become a balanced and better you. Tanya has so much knowledge to share and she makes it real in her own life.  I feel confident recommending her services, it has opened my mind to excel as the mother I want to be.

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