The elegant way to attract amazing clients online

I know what it feels like to constantly be thinking about how you can attract more of the right clients into your world. You know, the ones who are SO ready to work with you at the fee that makes you excited about the transformational results they get and enables you to create more freedom and life you desire.

Then why are so many transformational coaches and experts struggling to do this? In my experience, it’s because the three foundational pillars of your business has not been upgraded and activated to reflect your next level success.

1. Refine your star clients (one more time!)

I know, I know, you’ve probably gone through some form of ideal client refinement exercise (or a million of them!). You already know who you want to work with and have probably had quite a few of those ideal clients passing through your virtual doors. Now it’s time to go deeper. The client that got you to where you are now will not be the same ones taking you to the multi 6-figure mark. You’ve upleveled, grown and expanded. You have more layers to you and more depth – so should your next level client.

Reflect on who your star clients were in the past – what specific characteristics did they have, what level of sophistication and what pieces did they already have in place so that the only missing piece was your solution. Now take it to the next step and start talking to those who need the next step by working with you.

2. Positioning matters

Have you quantified the value of your offer yet?

Positioning your results in a tangible way with context, makes investing in your program a no-brainer.

If it’s helping them reach 6-figures when they’re starting from $30k a year the value is at least $70k. Charging 5% – 10% of this transformation makes the money conversation a lot easier.

If it’s helping them to quit smoking and you’re saving them $60k over the next year and beyond, your $5k program suddenly makes so much sense.

Perhaps you’re saving them $24k per year in medication for anxiety, not being able to sleep or experiencing health related issues because they’re not living their purpose or have optimal health, it’s way clearer to see why they can invest $3k – $5k in your personal development or health program.

Too often I see programs focused on the coach’s skill set. ‘I can do x, y and z so I’m going to pop that in a 3 month program’ and determine the price based on what my income needs are. Most of the time it’s too much because you’re trying to justify the price based on you, not the results you give.

3. Give away the farm

Tell them the how. The old way of saying the what and keeping the how a secret is a sure fire way to keep clients away. Paint a clear picture of the steps they’ll take to go from point A (their current situation & problem) to point B (their desired state). Don’t leave them hanging about how you’ll help them solve their challenge. This takes away 90% of the objections and long sales calls needed.

Sure you’ll get those who try and diy, and that’s okay. You’re aiming at the sophisticated clients who know they need professional and experienced help that’s customised to their specific situation. Seeing your clear framework helps them make the decision to work with you much easier.

If you need help aligning these foundational pillars to help you scale with near-magical ease, simply send me a private message about my four week Business Alignment Intensive.

You’ll get a series of in-depth assignments and live Zoom calls where we cover these foundational pillars as well as simplifying your sales funnel to turn your newly attracted ideal clients into paying customers.