You’re an expert at what you do and you’ve tried it all – coaches, courses, networking events and more…


And yet you’re not getting the consistent income you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re worried that your business is going to stop working or you just can’t break through to that next level of business success.


You started this journey for more freedom, but you feel more chained to your business than ever. And you sometimes worry that you will end up sacrificing even more of the precious little time you have left for what matters most to you


I’ve SO got you covered!

It’s time to tune into higher guidance combined with powerful business strategies to align you to the bigger vision of your business so that you can spend your time in purposeful and inspired action.

The Business Accelerator VIP Day is the answer for you as an expert advisor, coach or creative who has an established business and now need strategic direction and support to break through to the next level in your business, or simply creating peace of mind in a base consistent income you can count on


After working with Tanya I had more clarity (less scattered) on my offering in the healing arena, more confidence and optimism in myself. I just felt better, like relief, after our weekly calls.

Jeanne Natre – Weight Loss Coach



We are talking super clarity about why you are in business, what you want to accomplish and taking great strides to move you towards your long term goals…


We create new habits for you in your business, and life, that help you stay on the path, recognize when your attention is being pulled, and know where and how to focus on what’s important.

Consistent Income

Business is money, and you want a consistent flow of it. You want to know your business will keep on working and be free to invest in that next level or new direction without worrying that the bills will keep on being paid.

A Thriving Business

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll get rich and famous, I can tell you that this VIP Day will give you the tools you need to create strong system that’s aligned so you can reach your bigger business goals.

It’s got everything you need


Some programs help you with…

Your offer, finding ideal clients or expanding your mindset. Others may help you with marketing, sales or productivity. The Business Breakthrough Bootcamp is the only place where you get all of this in one place. No more spending time and thousands on coaches, courses and trying to do it yourself. This is not just a program, it’s a community that get things done.

jeanne_marie_paynel SQ

Tanya has a real intuitive sense, full of knowledge and brings her calm loving energy. A true blessing.

Jeanne-Marie Paynel – Voila Montessori Parenting Mentor

So Tanya, how do I know if this is a good fit?

You have a business

But it may not be generating consistent clients and revenue

You have a dream

You know where you want to go, but you aren’t sure how to get there

You take action

You’re an action taker and want a coach who will give you the steps you need to get it done

You want community

You want to be art of a community of like-minded collaborative business owners

You need support

You want to brainstorm and also be held accountable at the same time

You want to enjoy it

Building a business from home is hard. Let’s also have some fun with the support!


What’s included


Weekly calls

8 Live weekly group calls on Zoom + unlimited access to replays




Workbooks + tip sheets (think business mapping & clarity on what you should be focusing on, saying and doing every day)



Private Facebook group for community and additional 1:1 support from me


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course materials + Facebook group, including automatic participation every time this program is upgraded and run again!

Week 1

Forget launching on repeat with trial and error, wondering when you’ll finally hit the offer that drives your business into earning-oodles-ready-to-retire-early. You’ll map out your ONE & ONLY Signature Offer using simple activities with targeted coaching – results baby!

Week 2

Tired of preaching to the masses? This week you’ll use targeted strategies to find and attract your own kinda groupie screaming “I want more” and ready to follow you EVERYWHERE and consume absolutely EVERYTHING you dish out

Week 3

Time to turn that raving groupie into your paying fan – KA CHING!! You’ll get the roadmap to get into their head complete with the secret sauce to elegantly guide them to “oh my gosh, you get me! Let me pull out my credit card”

Week 4

Time to get your Signature Offer seen! Get a done-for-you content planner along with how to price so your pockets feel oh so good with #noguilt value!

Week 5

Time to get your head in game. This week you get Super hero techniques to get and keep you laser focused and motivated

Week 6

Get The Perfect Pitch! Learn how to pitch like a pro to make that sales call feel elegant and authentic – no more pushy sales and feeling icky making an offer to your dream client

Week 7

No more writing down notes on the back of an envelope and looking for links EVERY.DARN.DAY. Get a done for you systems that will have your business at your fingertips and running on autopilot

Week 8

THE GRAND FINALE. A marketing strategy customized for your type of business to have your service selling like it’s hot cakes and feel the profits roll into your pockets

What’s the investment?

Great question. The Business Breakthrough Bootcamp is a $997 program. It can be paid in full or paid over 2 monthly payments.  If you pay in full you also get a Private Coaching Session with me and lifetime access to my Master Your Money Flow program. This is an amazing value for such a small group, with such intimate access to Tanya (thats me). And while I can’t guarantee that we will make you tons of money in your business, we are sure going to give it our all to get you the business success you want. 


Juicy bonuses when you choose the one-pay option….

Private Coaching Session

Get private 1:1 coaching with me after the program to make sure you’re clear on how to implement and get an additional one week of email support

Master Your Money Program

Lifetime access to this 7 day program to help you Master Your Money Flow

We kick off the 12th of March so grab your spot now!





  • Lifetime access to all material
  • BONUS 1: Private 60-minute Coaching Session with Tanya
  • BONUS 2: Lifetime access to Master Your Money




  • Lifetime access to all material
  • Down payment of $97
  • Thereafter two payments of $450


Meet Your Coach

I am so excited that you’re considering the Business Breakthrough Bootcamp as your next step on your business journey.
I feel like we know each other already, but just in case we’re meeting for the first time and you need a bit more info on my past experience to help get you super comfortable about working with me over the coming eight weeks, I thought I would take you a little bit behind the scenes.
After leaving my 16 year stint of planning and structuring in the finance industry I’ve been running my own coaching and consulting business for almost three years, and decided to launch the Business Breakthrough Bootcamp after working with countless business owners who are struggling with the same challenges in growing their biz.
I have three awesome human and four fur kids living in beautiful Cape Town in South Africa.
I run two successful service and virtual product based businesses and have been featured on podcasts, hosted online summits and have been published in various online publications such as Moneyweb, Maya on Money and Cover Magazine.
I have been planning and structuring for business owners for more than a decade and absolutely love seeing their passion in (successful) action.
I am pretty tech savvy and have extensive knowledge on how the brain works after running a neurofeedback practice for over a year. That means I love to test things out and see what works for each individual so that I can use the knowledge to help you make smart decisions in your business.
I’m super excited to have you come join the Business Breakthrough Bootcamp and move your business forward!

Are you ready for the First, Last & Only Business Bootcamp you’ll ever need?