How To Activate The Full Potential Of Your Conscious Coaching / Consulting Business

We all have incredible potential within us – the ability to create, to be, to do extraordinary things!

We are born with this potential encoded within our DNA – a unique design – that simply cannot be replicated by someone else.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”  

– Oscar Wilde

According to new business statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in March 2020, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, about 50% make it more than five years, and only a third reach the 10 year mark.

Now, if we have this incredible potential within us, and we definitely have the passion and motivation to make a business out of your calling, then why is the rate of failure so high?

We look to the Quantum field to help us find the answer.

The emerging science of epigenetics shows that a big part of our behaviour is influenced by events that happened in our family lineage up to fourteen generations before we were born. There are certain beliefs, reactions, anxieties and even fears we face on a regular basis, that have been passed down to us through our DNA.

We live out these codes coupled with new patterns and habits that we pick up from our environment and the people that surround us in an automatic way.

In other words, we’re constantly being trained & conditioned away from the unique and individual person each of us were meant to be.

The good news is that we also have an incredible potential for positive behaviour, expansion and consciousness that keeps evolving and creating new and better ways on a daily basis. 

If we become aware of who we truly are and where we’re being conditioned – we’re able to take control of our potential and consciously craft and design the life we’re meant to live. For many of us that potential expresses itself in and through our business.

Through my more than 20 years in the business world, coupled with extensive studies in the field of spiritual & personal development and quantum physics, I’ve realized that there are three simple steps to uncover, activate and {re}claim our true potential in business and life.

1. Activate your potential by knowing yourself 

We all on some level believe we need to fix something in ourselves to become perfect, whole and complete. So we chase quick fixes and solutions in the hopes of becoming a better version of ourselves – just ask the billion dollar health & fitness industry, even the fast emerging self-development arena about how many people invest millions in this chase.

What if you were already perfect and complete exactly as you are (even with your perceived flaws)? What if rediscovering the true essence of YOU is all it takes to bring your full power and light into the world.

What if the only thing holding you back from living the true purpose and full potential that you came to this earth to fulfill – is your internal narrative?

It can be as simple as changing the story you’ve been telling yourself about yourself.

Knowing who you truly are at soul level – the core essence of who you are – can unlock the infinite creative & intelligent power you hold within you. Tapping into and being able to live that every day will not only help you feel satisfied and aligned in your living and being, it also contributes powerfully to society and the world around you. It uplifts everyone!

One of my favourite tools to rediscover your natural design is Quantum Human Design. It’s a blueprint and roadmap to your highest potential on all levels of your being – conscious and unconscious.

It’s a powerful decision making tool and shows you your propensity for resilience and magnificence in the world.

You can learn more about having a personalized Quantum Human Design Reading here

2. Align to your potential

Once you know who you are and what your true potential is, it’s important to align yourself with this potential. The difference happens when you take what you know and start practically applying it.

The way you do it will differ from person to person, and here are a few ways that I have found helps to reprogram and align to new energy – 

Change your story – the language you use about who you were and now are, the story about your past, your money and your abilities. It is an art to identify the gremlins that hide in our daily language. I use a proprietary process to help my clients find the gremlins and rewrite a story of success that starts reprogramming their DNA.

Create new habits and patterns – it’s possible to shift a habit in less than 2 minutes. It’s through consistency of the new rituals for success on a daily basis that we start to change ourselves on a cellular level that starts manifesting in our reality.

Using your energy correctly – The Universe provides us with an infinite amount of opportunity each and every day. Now that you know who you are and what’s possible, it’s time to start using your energy correctly in how you respond to the opportunities presenting themselves to you all the time. This creates sustainability. 

I’m not surprised that almost every woman I meet over 30 is struggling with consistently inspired energy in their business. Add on being a mom and juggling a million other balls called life and there’s probably complete soul burnout underneath. 

There’s a kind of magic that happens when we start to honour our energy and follow our natural flow. This doesn’t always look like the masculine created Monday to Friday working 9 to 5….

When we start being consistent – not in creating content and posting on social media as well as staying on top of admin and taxes, rather by taking consistent action from an inspired state of flow. That’s when we start shifting the energy from being a slave to our to-do list and environment to running a Soul CEO Schedule that we love jumping into every day!

I use very specific tools to uncover my clients’ natural state of mind and flow, from where they take aligned action that elevates their wellbeing and business at the same time. 

‘Timing is everything’

And it’s true for all of us. Knowing when it’s time to take aligned action and when to honour your energy is the true expression of divine timing.

When we harness the energy and power in the moment, we can start to take control of our future. We can start planning ahead for when we require guilt free rest and when we will be at our best to sell, to serve to be out in the world working our magic.

And we’re not meant to do it alone….

Having someone to guide you, keep you accountable and consistently reflect back to you for clarity and confirmation is invaluable. That’s why I love the coaching world. Never before have we had so much access to support in such an array of splendid coaches, healers, facilitators and guides.

Find the mentor and coach that can see ALL of you and help you connect the dots in a glorious holistic dance of your soul. We don’t know what we don’t know. Having someone that can give us that blindspot view or simply be our biggest cheerleader can sometimes be the difference between success and burnout.

You can learn more about working with me here

3. Achieving success

The final step for true success is ALLOWING in the results that you’ve been reaching for. So often we do the work of becoming aware of the areas holding us back. We set goals and intentions and put plans in place to make it happen. Then fall short right before the finish line of actually achieving what we set out to do.

The reason – we don’t believe we’re worthy!

Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of success. There is so much negative media around being wealthy, healthy and successful, that we’ve taken on a lot of that narrative in terms of what it means to us personally. Now it’s time to rewrite the story of what success is to YOU.

Can you feel what it feels like to have more ideal clients flowing into your business consistently….

Can you feel the sensations of true wealth sitting in your bank account and living around you….

Can you enjoy the boundless energy and vitality of what life has to offer?

Do you enjoy having more time to spend on the things you love?

This is often when the help of a professional can be valuable. Someone to fast track the process and help you gain objective and aligned clarity. To turn your powerful thoughts into things and manifest them into reality.

If you’d like to take that journey with me – you can start with a customised Foundational Business Reading where I use a mix of Quantum Human Design, my Claircognizance (that’s intuitive knowing) along with my more than two decades of business strategy and mindset experience to help you uncover the highest potential of your business and life. 

You can find more details here