Why sales pages don’t work

‘Here’s how my program works in detail in a super long sales page that nobody reads to the end, costing me tons of money in design and tech set up costs’

The problem with this way of marketing is that you overwhelm your client with details they don’t really understand, and they end up being unclear about the actual outcome and that it’s right for them. You don’t need 50 pages of sales copy to explain what you do (coupled with the fearmongering of time’s running out).

If you’re consistently sharing who you serve and the main steps they go through to get their results when working with you, they don’t have a ton of questions and objections. They trust that you are the one to help them because it’s clear who it’s for and what it will give them.

In all honesty, clients are rarely interested in your years of experience, list of qualifications, and flashy branding. It looks great but for me personally, it causes hustle & grind energy (start doing #allthethings all over the place just to take MORE action) and proving energy (showing you’re good enough to play in their league), or thinking this is what you need to be successful. That’s energy you don’t want associated with your business. They’re more interested in how you can help them achieve their ultimate desire.

So next time you type up those awe inspiring posts, make sure you are communicating who it’s for in as much detail as possible, as well as the amazing outcome you deliver if all other conditions are right.