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Tanya Lochner is a Business & Success Intuitive helping conscious coaches & visionary leaders to activate their personal power in business through strategic guidance and energetic alignment

Below are a few ways you can work with me!

Foundational Human Design Reading

$ 297

Learn more about who you are and how to best leverage that in your business!

Human Design is a roadmap to your highest potential. Through a mix of ancient and modern sciences, this body of self knowledge helps you to uncover your soul and life purpose as well as how you show up energetically to fulfill it.

In a 60 – 90 min session, we’ll cover the following based on your natal chart information:

  • Energy Type: how you exchange energy with the world and how to structure your business and work style to leverage the best use of your energy
  • Strategy: how to best share your gifts as well as sales and launch strategies aligned with who you are
  • Authority: how to use your inner guidance to create and manifest exponential results by making the right business decisions, find ideal pricing and create aligned strategies and offers. You’ll also learn how to find the right next steps within yourself
  • Profile: how you best learn and share your knowledge – where to place your focus to help others to grow. It also helps you establish authority for the right audience and create deeper connection
  • Energy Centers: what energy you have consistent access to and where your conditioning and wisdom comes from

I’m excited to learn more about your unique design and how that can manifest at a whole nother level in your business!

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Quantum Quarter + Abundance Planning Session

$ 697

It’s my absolute super power to help you figure out your focus and direction for your most abundant year yet
– in alignment with how YOU are designed to do business and live life!

I’m super excited to bring together the power of Human Design along with my more than two decades experience in business strategy and structuring. In these powerful 2 hour Zoom sessions I’ll also bring my intuitive guidance to help you map out your goals and aligned structure for the year in 25K Quantum Quarters.

These private sessions will include:

  • A customised strategy for your business, including your most aligned offers and pricing for the clients YOU are meant to work with
  • Daily rituals and practices based on your Human Design to start unlocking sustainable abundance (super easy daily habits you can use to shift your money flow)
  • Energy healing & alignment to open up your whole being to the success that’s in store for you this year!
  • A cycle tracker to unlock the exact timing when your sales will be on fire!
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Quantum Alignment Mastermind (March 2023)

$ 240 per month

Find your community and gain a group of accountability partners and supporters

Join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are stepping more into their personal power + freedom while upgrading their financial reality. We meet three times a month in true Mastermind style, co-creating some Magic and high vibe success together!

You’ll receive support & accountability as well as regular guest speakers on relevant topics.

Bonus Feature

Included in the Ascend 4-month program.

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Ascend Private Intensive

$ 5000 (payment plan avail)

A powerful private coaching program for the intuitive, soul-driven entrepreneur & expert (coach, mentor, healer, holistic practitioner or advisor) who is ready to take her business to the next level

If you already know how to run a business and feel that you’re ready to increase your impact with greater abundant flow in business and life, then this program is for you!

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll cover over the 3 months we spend together:

  • Uncover and develop your powerful purpose that leverages your natural gifts + abilities (using Quantum Human Design)
  • Clear old patterns and conditioning that’s no longer serving you
  • Map out your 25K Quantum Quarters
    • Ideal client, offers & pricing
    • Refresh your messaging
    • Launch strategy
    • Daily ritual and habit planner to ensure you’re taking action and opening up to abundant money flow
    • Cycle tracker to tap into the exact time when your sales will be on fire!
  • 9 x 60 – 90 min Zoom sessions including worksheets and notes of our sessions
  • Accountability & support throughout the intensive via email / voice messenger

Bonus Features

  • Weekly office hours for Q&A with Tanya plus access to the Quantum Alignment Mastermind Group when launched
  • Master Your Money Flow self-study program (When you pay in full)
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